Monday, October 25, 2010

My Halloween is full of treats!

It’s always fun to get treats in the mail, but even more exciting when the package is full of handmade goods. Well, this year my dear friend, Jill pulled together fabrics from the two halloween collections I designed with Northcott and sent me two sets of trick or treat banners to fashion-up my humble abode. She even sent my daughter her own personal banner for her dorm room to get her into the spirit of Casper.

The first is a teeny tiny banner made from the leftover snips she couldn’t bear to throw away. Who can toss even the littlest of fabrics? Not many of us, as proven over the years and years of handmade quilts saturated with leftover bits. Jill added tiny but very strong magnets to the ends of the banner so that I can hang it on my refrigerator in the house, or bring it over to the studio and decorate my filing cabinet for this holiday. Right now, it’s hanging with me in the office.

The mini banner above was made to entice her husband’s coworkers to grab a handful of candy corn when passing by. What a great idea, and one that could be used with seasonal fabrics throughout the year. I can’t wait to see the Christmas candy display. (that’s a hint, Jill, my mailbox will be waiting :)

The scraps come from this too cute, large banner Jill made complete with little eyelets at the ends of the banner to slip over nails and hang in the doorway between the living and dining room. This way, heading into either room gives us the opportunity to view the fun patters from both sides of the reversible banner.

The two collections used for these projects are from Trick or Treat Street and Costume Club. They can be viewed on Nortcott’s website or found at local quilt shops in your area and online quilt and fabric stores. The two collections were designed to work together, so if you picked up some prints last year from Trick or Treat Street, pull out those scraps and add a few from Costume Club and whip up your own banners this week. And don’t hesitate to thank Jill for the great, but simple halloween craft ideas.

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