Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do Open ’Til Christmas!

One of my favorite memories of Christmas past is of an advent calendar we had showing a winter scene with a cozy home tucked inside the snow drifts. Each window of that house had tiny shutters to open and peek inside to a Christmas toy or candy or little elf. For the twenty-five days leading up to Christmas morning we would start our days with that tiny visual gift.

Now, there are all types of advent calendars styled in everything from tiny metal buckets all numbered and hanging in a row, to miniature knitted stockings with much the same idea.

I have found my favorite advent calendar for this year. Well, actually it found me. I was delighted to receive a message a few weeks back from Alice with a fun photo of the advent calendar she made. Alice is one of the gracious people who frequents my blog and gave me the privilege of creating a darling advent calendar using the panel art from the Have a Sheri Berry Holiday fabric collection. Alice created it for a friend so she could begin the traditions of this season each year with her children. I imagine today they are peeking inside that first pouch to discover a tiny Christmas treasure.

I am particularly drawn to Alice’s style she used for creating the wall hanging. I love the embroidered wording, numbers and starbursts she stitched by hand. That adds an element of handcrafting that I find so endearing. My daughter and I think it has a very “Anthro” appeal.

Soon it will be Christmas Day. Enjoy each day leading up to December 25 and if you don’t have a cute advent calendar from Alice, just remember to start each day as though you are peeking into a pocket full of treasures and remind yourself that those treasures do surround you each day of the year.

Thank you Alice, for sharing your lovely art with all of us.

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Poppy said...

Very nice work Alice and I might also add Sheri as well for the wonderful designs and colors we all can love.