Friday, October 16, 2009

What is a Quilt Sandwich?

Well, I recently learned. The term quilt sandwich refers to the three layers of a quilt that have been prepared for quilting: the quilt top, the inner quilt batting and the rear backing. That makes sense: it’s what you need to complete a quilt. Okay, so now I will tell you how I see a quilt sandwich. A fabric company, a designer and a couple of talented sisters with a love for quilting.

Last week I found a handful of shops on Etsy that are carrying hand crafted items and fabrics made from the Trick or Treat Street collection I have with Northcott. There are some very cute and well made items out there by many creative hands and I wanted to share one of those little enterprises with you.

This is an Etsy shop called “Quilt Sandwich” and it was started by two fabric-obsessed sisters, Kris and Becca, who love to quilt. They specialize in high quality cotton fabric by the designers that they love - and think you’ll love them too!

Well . . . I love them, they make cute things with my fabric, so . . . what’s not to love?

I want to share a few photos of their creations and will let them describe in detail the specifics, as I, not being much of a seamstress, can not do it justice. So, once you have enjoyed seeing these treats, please go on over to their blog to get the details and the behind-the-scenes info at and then on to their etsy shop at You’ll find some great creations they have made from many fab-fab designers!

The trick or treat garland is my personal fave! It along with the other cute items are made from the trick or treat panel.

Thanks Becca and Kris, for letting me share your creations!


Tamara said...

Super cute! Love them all. I have a question for you. The 12 Joys of Christmas line that you just posted about--will it be available this year or not till next year? My quilt shop seemed to think it wouldn't be till next year. Thanks!

Sheri McCulley said...

Tthe 12 Joys is now on Northcott's website, but will be in stores around June, I think. The line will be for next Christmas 2010.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this, Sheri! I'm going to start working on some Christmas projects with your current Christmas fabric soon!

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