Monday, October 29, 2012

All good in the hood!

I just had to share this cute project with you. My friend, Becci, who makes all kinds of wonderful creations, shared this gift idea with me. She has just finished this darling hooded towel for a friend’s two-year-old birthday boy. Kind of makes me wish I could be two again and get one of these.
She used fabric from the Woodland Tails panel (the large circle of the raccoon shown above), the stripe, and the toss of the bear, owl and raccoon maze (shown below). How cute is the packaging of this sweet gift too? Love the natural tie-in. 
What a perfect little edging for the hood of the towel, so nature boy, I think. I also love the towel she chose. It looks like a blanket of soft grass waiting for the little guy to play on.
And how cute is this personalized name on the towel for little Finn? This is a gift that will be sure to make it into the box of keepsakes when this little guy goes off to college. I’m kind of having an Andy from Toy Story moment, but unlike the toys to pass down to Bonnie, Finn will likely pass this treasured towel down to his little boy one day. Thank you Becci, for sharing your gift with us. I love it!